Best FPV Goggles for Drone Flying

‘Best’ is a very subjective term, everyone will have different opinions on the best FPV goggles because everybody uses their drone for different reasons (racing, light flying, hobby, etc.) We still are compiling a list of the best FPV goggles for the average drone enthusiast listed below.

Head Play HD – $249.99

At $249.99, these one of the most affordable FPV goggles for the value you get. Unlike most FPV goggles in which each eye looks ate a separate screen, the Head Play HD features a single 1280×800 HD screen. Because of the single high definition screen, not only is your picture crystal clear but it also eliminates the problem of IPD (interpupillary distance) that other goggles face. While it’s not the most fashionable piece of equipment on the market, it’s sure to impress you. The single HD screen also enables a 72° field of view.


Fat Shark Dominator V3 – $349.99

These are the newest FPV goggles of the dominator series. These goggles offer 720p clarity with a 16:9 aspect ration through a mini HDMI port. These goggles also include a built in DVR system which can swap from NTCS and PAL format as well as the ability to automatically save files when the power runs out. What makes these FPV goggles unique is that they were designed to be modular. This means that you can add various receivers or head tracking equipment that fit your specific needs. These are a little pricier than your average goggles but that’s because these offer high-tech features as well as the ability to add other features that fit your needs.

Fat Shark Predator V2 – $279.99

These FPV goggles are sold as more of a kit, which is great if you are just getting starting in the FPV world. These goggles not only include the headset, but also a camera and transmitter. A 5.8GHz receiver is already built right into the goggles making this the best option for pilots new to this technology. The goggles offer a VGA display which is all you really need. This kit is pretty much plug and play right out of the box and claims to have a range of up to 1000m (assuming no obstructions). The price is very attractive for what you get and this kit makes for a perfect starting place.

SkyZone Dual Antenna V2 – $399.99

These FPV goggles are one of the higher end models on the market. They offer crisp 854×400 screens with a 30° field of view which emulates the real cockpit feeling. They offer a built in 5.8GHz diversity receiver; this will automatically switch signals ensuring the best possible signal. Head tracking technology is built in allow you to use the motion of your head to tilt the onboard camera in any direction. What really makes these goggles unique is the camera located on the front. With the push of a button the pilot can see in from of him so there is no need to take of the goggles each time you need to see where you are walking.

Quanum V2 – $55.99

You read the price right, for less than $60 you can get yourself a FPV goggle kit. However, it should be noted that this kit does not include a video receiver but it does include the headset along with a 5-inch, 800×480 LCD monitor. While this isn’t the coolest piece of equipment out there, it is definitely very attracting at this price. This is perfect for the pilot who is just starting to get into FPV flying and doesn’t want to break the bank. Of course you’ll still need a camera and transmitter/receiver, but hey this will at least get you started on the right track.

Final Overview

While it is very heard to determine the best FPV goggles on the market today, this list will surely get your started. Again, everyone has personal preferences when it comes to the best FPV goggles. For example, a pilot who enjoys racing their drone will have very different requirements than a pilot who just likes flying around their local park. You should pick goggles that work for you and for what the purpose will be. Either way, we know that you won’t be disappointed by any of the goggles on this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to help other drone enthusiasts find the best FPV goggles for their needs. This industry and technology is advancing so rapidly, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.